More than 80% of LINK is controlled 25 wallets



New analysis from Glassnode indicates the highest I Chronicles of Chainlink holders management nearly eighty one of the token’s offer.

According to crypto market information mortal Glassnode, Chainlink’s (LINK) token distribution is at record levels of centralization — with quite eightieth of LINK not stayed exchanges presently residing within the prime I Chronicles of Chainlink wallets.

Glassnode’s analysis found that eighty one of LINK not stayed crypto exchanges of sensible contracts is presently stashed away in a hundred twenty five wallets, with the amount of tokens control by Chainlink’s whales steady increasing over the past 2 years.

When as well as the tokens stayed exchanges and in sensible contracts that Glassnode’s information excluded, the centralization of Chainlink’s token distribution seems extreme — with Etherscanl m information indicating that 82.7% of LINK is control by simply a hundred wallets, or less 0.03% of LINK-holding addresses.

However, Glassnode estimates that solely twelve,500 of those addresses square measure presently active, suggesting nearly eighty three of LINK’s offer resides in 0.8% of active wallets.
Chainlink’s whales seem to possess accelerated their accumulation since Gregorian calendar month 2019, with the share of offer described by the highest I Chronicles of LINK holders steady increasing from fifty three to eighty one over the past eighteen months.

With whales continued to shop for despite LINK once more rocketing into new incomparable highs this month, Glassnode’s Liesl Eichholz concludes “bullish sentiment” remains sturdy among Chainlink’s veteran traders:
“The continuing concentration of offer suggests that, even with the accessible offer increasing, LINK’s prime holders square measure still optimistic on the token, and square measure continued to amass additional.”
LINK whales square measure accumulating despite Chainlink’s core team showing to sell a big share of their non-public stash of tokens, with Glassnode distinctive fifty two million LINK that have affected from the reserve wallets of Chainlink’s team over the past a hundred days.
Chainlink established itself because the most generally used oracle network in 2020, securing partnerships with technical school behemoth Google and Ethereum-rival Tezos (XTZ).
On Jan. 18, Chainlink flipped Bitcoin money to become the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.


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